Donate to Dogs of Otavalo 2023


Your donation directly funds bringing veterinary professionals, medical supplies, educational materials, and unparalleled care to the animals of Otavalo.

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The goal of Dogs of Otavalo is to assist and encourage areas around Otavalo to improve the health standards of the animals in their community. Our group assists by way of bringing volunteers and supplies for ongoing veterinary projects. By developing and supporting continuing education opportunities for Ecuadorian veterinarian professionals as we move to support positive change.

A portion of our team with spend time in outlying communities doing health checks, deworming and providing vaccination for the pets that need it the most, and our surgeons will be working at the hospital spaying and neutering around 150 dogs and cats.

To treat these pets in Otavalo, our organization hopes to raise $15,000 to cover necessary surgical procedures and preventive care that local rescues will utilize for the year ahead.

Our vision is to create a safe and comfortable community where people and animals can live in health and harmony.

Our values are the cornerstone of our passion to help improve the lives of the animals in this little corner of the world. This is achieved through kindness and compassion, patience and expertise. We understand that people, animals and the environment are all interconnected and we rely on our dedication to the betterment of each component to make our projects successful. We respect diversity and cultural differences and operate with a high degree of integrity.

We bring resources, skills, and knowledge to animals in need as we work to decrease the number of preventable diseases and reduce potential populations of unwanted dogs through sterilization. We encourage the respectful treatment of all animals and strive to inspire future generations to become part of the veterinary community.